1982 TV

With the launch of Channel 4 we saw some exciting new programming.

Of course, many of the programmes we associate with Channel 4 debuted this year – Countdown (still running), Brookside (1982 – 2003), The Tube (1982 – 1987) and The Comic Strip Presents (1982 – 2005).

On the existing stations we saw BBC1 debuts for Saturday Superstore – Mike Read’s Saturday morning show taking over from Multi Coloured Swap Shop – Noel Edmonds was busy starting his Saturday evening show The Late, Late Breakfast Show.  We also saw, for the first time, some outrageous french accents as ‘Allo ‘Allo aired for the first time.  BBC2 delivered The Young Ones (an anarchic student based comedy and very very funny), The Boys from the Blackstuff and Timewatch.

ITV gave us No. 73 (Saturday morning successor to TISWAS, and much much better than Saturday Superstore), O.T.T. (Chris Tarrant and team taking their TISWAS type anarchy to late night TV), and Shine On Harvey Moon – starring Kenneth Cranham as our hero Harvey Moon, a demobbed British soldier returning home to the East End at the end of WWII.

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