I was a great fan of both types of silver screen in the 80s. I have to say that I loved the little one that sat in the corner of the living room more than the other.

You see before multi-screen cinemas, we didn’t really get there all that often. In seeking a tidy website, I’ve tried to sort things by year. This has been easier for films, as they had a release date.  TV series of course may have spanned several years or even decades.

That said, I’ve decided to assign TV shows to either the year that they were released, or if they were already part of the schedules, just lump ’em all together.

Please note, younger readers, that until about 1982 when Channel 4 launched in stages across the country, we only had three channels.  The advent of cable was a very slow (and painful progress) and Sky didn’t… ahem, launch until 1989.

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