Red Dwarf, Series 1

Uh-oh Baby!  This was top, top stuff.  First shown on Monday 15 February 1988 I was hooked from the start.  The premise is just so mind bogglingly far out that there was no way that I could do anything other than just adore it.

On the deep space mining vessel Red Dwarf, vending machine technician, Dave Lister (Craig Charles) has been placed in stasis for smuggling a cat on board the ship, when (unbeknownst to him, 3 million years later) he wakes to find the entire crew of the vessel has been wiped out in a radiation leak.

Of course, he is not alone – not much scope for laughs there – but is doomed to suffer the company of another technician Arnold J Rimmer (Chris Barrie) his former roommate.  At least it looks like Rimmer and certainly sounds like him, but is actually a hologram of Rimmer, generated by the ship’s computer Holly (Norman Lovett) in order to keep Lister sane.  Of course there is also Cat, played by Danny John-Jules, a human / cat descendant of the original cat, Frankenstein, for whom Lister had got into trouble in the first place.

Red Dwarf is one of those special memories for me.  They say that humour is the best medicine and having this to laugh at on a Monday evening in February / March 1988 made life that little bit more bearable.

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