Friday Night Live

You may remember this – it was a Channel 4 stand up show – and along with its predecessor Saturday Night Live introduced us (well me at least) to the likes of Jo Brand; Julian Clary; Lee Evans and Sean Hughes plus Harry Enfield’s trio of grotesques, Loadsamoney, Stavros and Buggerallmoney. Other, more established stars such as Fry and Laurie; Dame Edna Everidge; Robbie Coltrane and Jimmy Mulville also appeared along with Paul Whitehouse and Charlie Higson. The shows were compered by Ben Elton who together with Jack Doherty, from Absolutely, was credited as the show’s writer.

Anyway, this was the last series of the genre and it ran from 19 February 1988 to 29 April. The show was a bit of a refuge for me during my difficult last few weeks attending sixth form, a time when instead of blossoming into a fine outgoing youth, a credit to his parents, grandparents etc, I was retreating into my shell. All of my supposed mates were out on the lash – they never once invited me (boo hoo) so I did the next best thing.

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