Saturday 31 May 1986

And we’re off.  Italy and Bulgaria got the World Cup underway with a 1-1 draw at the Estadio Cuauhtémoc in Puebla.  No doubt Motty was getting over excited at the thought of all of those Bulgarian players, whose names ended in ‘-ov’ (that’s all of them).

In other news, and this is quite some ‘other news’ I had my hair permed (at the back only – you know the style, Mullets R Us).  My mum did it for me and she did a pretty good job.  However, it was to be sorely tested on the Monday following (2 June), and by the end of September, it had found its way onto the barber shop floor… quite right too!

Sunday 1 June 1986

I went with me Dad to Derby to watch Derbyshire versus Essex in the Sunday League.  It was a rain affected game reduced to 30 overs per side (instead of 40) in which Essex hammered the hosts, winning by 8 wickets.  I think that I remember Graham Gooch hitting one ball so far out of the ground that cars were at risk in the car park – in the event he made an unbeaten 51.

Remember, I was supposed to be revising, but hey what the heck!?

In the evening, I watched France defeat Canada in Group C by a single goal – I think that it was scored by Jean-Pierre Papin.  I therefore had a late night, before the start if my O Levels proper.  Tomorrow would be Geography paper I.

Monday 2 June 1986

Well well well.  Surprise surprise!  The totally predictable smacked me right between the eyes.  After staying up late to watch the football last night, I managed to get up so late that I missed the bus to get to school for my exam (Geography).  As luck would have it, I had plenty of time and my bicycle was in good working order, so off I toddled.

I rated the exam as being ‘not easy, but not extremely difficult – 50% – easy!’  I also made a note that I was trying to get a cricket XI together to play a team put together by a school friend.

Wednesday 4 June 1986

Another day, another exam.  This time French, which was ‘quite a good paper – easy grammar and vocab.’  I noted that there were now only one more French exam left – listening and reading. ‘Hope I get lucky.’

The evening, well 11 pm ko, was Scotland versus Denmark.  Denmark won the game 1-0, I don’t remember a great deal about it, but my diary entry does say that the Scots should perhaps have won the game.

Friday 6 June 1986 (England 0-0 Morocco)

Another exam today – Physics.  A fair paper being my honest assessment.  It wasn’t hard knowledge in it – I knew most of the stuff and I rated my marks on each part as A – 30/40; B – 30/50; C – 30/50.  Question mark!

In the evening, England managed a patchy 0-0 draw with Morocco.  This was the game in which Captain Courageous (sic), Bryan Robson went off with a damaged shoulder, to be replaced by Steve Hodge and we then saw his replacement as skipper, Ray Wilkins, sent off just before half time for throwing the ball at the referee.  And he was always thought of as an intelligent footballer!  It was funny… almost as funny as the time that he was heard quite clearly screaming at a ball boy, ‘oi, give us that facking ball back…’  (It may have been the same game, and I may also be completely off radar about the incident…)

1980's songs - Peter Gabriel - SledgehammerI bought two singles today (or me mum was delegated).  First up, the wondrous Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel on 7″.  I always had the parent album by Peter Gabriel, So, on my list of purchases to make, but alas I never did get round to it.  From the opening trumpet blast, Sledgehammer is as cool a piece of rock-funk as you could wish to hear.  Sledgehammer made #1 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and number 4 in the UK singles chart.  I don’t know about you, but I’ll never tire of hearing this song.  And as for the video, it was perhaps the first one to really catch my imagination – ignore the tired old cliches about Dire Staits’ Money For Nothing video with its clunky CGI, this is the one.  Parts of the video are shot by Nick Park of Wallace and Gromit fame.  Apparently, he was honing his skills as a plasticine animator at the time.  (He’ll never make it I tell ya!)

1980's songs - Falco - Vienna Calling 12inchAnd on 12″, the equally cool Vienna Calling was the Austrian, Falco’s second and final UK hit following his colossal Rock Me Amadeus (number 1 all over the world – in English speaking countries as well as German ones).  This one made number 10 in the UK singles chart and a very respectable #18 on the Billboard Hot 100.  I must have been impressed, buying it on 12″, an honour that I didn’t bestow lightly,what with my limited budget for buying singles and all that!

[phpbay]sledgehammer | vienna calling, 2, ,”bachman” [/phpbay]

Sunday 8 June 1986

After missing last week, I did the paper money collection again today.  I also played football in the playing field, and noted that the grass was getting a tad long.  In the world cup, Denmark knocked six past Uruguay with only one in reply.

So far in their group of death, the Danes had a record of 2 wins from 2 games.  Earlier in group E, West Germany had beaten Scotland 2-1 after Gordon Strachan had given the Scots the lead in Querétaro.  You’ll all remember the (stunted wee chap) miming an attempt to climb over the advertising hoarding, n’est pas?

Monday 9 June 1986

It was a nice(!) day today if a little windy.  In the cricket, England finished their 2nd innings 180 all out at the end of the fourth day of the first test at Lord’s, in their 3 match series against India.  This meant that they had a slim lead of 133 going into the final day.

In world cup football, France demolished Hungary by 3 goals to nil and in the same group, the Soviets defeated Canada 2-0.  Thus both (France and the USSR) finished on 5 points to claim the two qualifying places in the group.

I went to bed early as tomorrow, I had two exams.  Chemistry in the morning, followed in the afternoon by Map Reading and Great Britain in Geography.

Tuesday 10 June 1986

Chemistry wasn’t a bad exam and Geography was quite easy.  Nerd alert nerd alert… You may want to look away now, but I remember that the OS map that we were asked questions on covered the area around Swanage on the Dorset coast.

In the world cup, I watched Italy narrowly defeat South Korea by three goals to 2.  At Lord’s India duly polished off the runs they needed to win by 5 wickets.