Lewis, Huey (& The News) – The Power Of Love

1980's music. Huey Lewis and his chums with The Power of Love.

The ‘theme’ song from my favourite movie of the 80’s was first released in the UK in August 1985 as HUEY 1 with a b-side Bad Is Bad.  By the time that Back To The Future had been released in the UK, the track had been re issued as HUEY 3, now a double a-side with Do You Believe In Love? It is this version that I bought on 22nd February 1986 after I’d seen the film on 11th January.

The Power Of Love certainly had legs, sticking around in the UK Singles Chart for a total of 22 weeks, split equally between each release. On its first release it made number 11, bumping around in the teen-numbers for a good month.  It made its highest position of number 9 in its second stay in early ’86.  It’s a full on Rock n Roll riff, possibly a little ‘safe’ – it certainly scored with the punters – and I was a big fan.  I bought three of the group’s singles in total, but this will forever be associated with the film.

Check out this video. Stick with it, it’s a bit of a remake but kind of cool:

Lewis, Huey (& The News) – Stuck With You

A number 12 hit in the UK singles chart, this was Huey Lewis and The News’ fifth UK single release.

I went out and bought it on 29 August 1986 towards the end of my long summer holiday.  It had  entered the chart on 23 August and was a slow burner, smouldering away for six weeks until it reached its highest position.

As with all HLATN tracks (and AOR tracks in general?) it is a pleasant enough jaunt through four minutes 20s of radio time, but it isn’t particularly edgy or challenging.  It sits in my collection alongside some example of edginess, but it merits its place their because it reminds me of the time, those lazy summer days of 1986 when all was well in my world.

Lewis, Huey (& The News) – Hip To Be Square

On my particular side of the Atlantic, Huey Lewis and The News could hardly be said to be tremendously successful.

Theirs was an honest enough example of AOR but, one supposes, not ideally suited to British tastes.

This was their sixth UK singles chart release and to put it bluntly it bombed, reaching only number 41 in January 1987 after its release in time for Christmas 1986.  I bought it on 17 December 1986.  Of course in the US, HLATN were enormous with no less than twelve top 10 hits on the Billboard Hot 100, including three number one hits (this track reached number 3).

I had been introduced to the band through their association with Back to The Future via the double A-side The Power of Love / Do You Believe In Love, which I had bought earlier in 86.  I missed out on the next two tracks, but I did buy Stuck With You which made it to number 12 in the late summer of 86.

Lewis, Huey & The News – Simple As That

I bought The Power of Love because I was (then and now) a big fan of Back to the Future. I then bought two more HLATN singles, namely Stuck with You and Hip to be Square – because, I guess I liked the songs. Well fancy that!

Now, I described Hip to be Square as having bombed because it made only number 41 in the UK singles chart. What of this then, when it made only number 47…?

Again, we are talking about AOR, inoffensive enough, but being memorable long term is another matter. But I loved it, so I bought it. So there.