John, Elton – Sad Songs (Say so Much)

This was a single that I received for free after collecting enough Hoola-Hoop packets.  Now there’s a novelty.

It was released in the Spring /Summer of 1984 around the time that John’s Watford Football Club were contesting the FA Cup Final against Everton.  I guess that the sentiment summed up what he must have felt at the result!  Ho ho – sorry, that was an easy dig.

He was a prolific, some might say serial, releaser of singles in the 80s was our Elt.  I make it that there were 26 UK chart singles bearing his name throughout the decade.  This one was one of the more successful, peaking at number 7 and enjoying a good 12 week run on the chart.  Other singles weren’t so successful, for example, collaborations with Cliff Richard, Aretha Franklin and Jennifer Rush failed to trouble the Top 40.