Tuesday 1 April 1986

Nice day today.  April Fool’s day, although I make no note about any pranks that were played either on or by me.  We played our extended chase game, Fox and Hounds.  It’s a simple game, Team 1 runs off up the course of the old railway line, which ran behind our houses, then after a decent delay, the other team goes off to find them.  There were lots and lots of great places to hide.

The further you went ‘up the line’, the steeper the embankments became.  The undergrowth was a tangled, matted mess, so if you wanted, you could secrete yourself under a bramble and stay there all day.  But where’s the fun in that?  As ever, it’s the thrill of the chase.  A member of Team 2 spies you hidden there and the shout goes up and the chase is on.  Fine fun.

According to my revision schedule, I should have been doing some Maths revision.  Don’t think I did any tho’.  I had a cold, or in my 16 year old’s parlance, ‘… a b*****d of a cold!’

Monday 7 April 1986

Oh dear, we had thought that Spring had sprung, but according to today’s entry, it was an ‘utter b*****d of a day’.  It was wet and windy, and surprise surprise, there was nothing at all to do.  I was frustrated by the fire, which I could not get to light, well not until I had put three firelighters on it.  Why, there wasn’t even much on the telly.  Boo and indeed, hoo.

No homework or revision reported, I should have been doing some Physics.

Tuesday 8 April 1986

Just as boring today as it was yesterday.  Oh dear.  I played Football Manager on the C64, and did a little catching up, by doing some Physics homework.  I reported that I was thinking of buying a stereo if my brother, ‘tightness’ was agreeable.  Just a quickie about this, I was a spendthrift and my brother was very careful.  Careful to the extent that he would eschew spending his own money on things, wait for muggins to buy it and then make with it like it was his own!  The bleeder.  He wasn’t stupid was he…

Thursday 10 April 1986

Result!  No mention of the words ‘bored’ or ‘boring’ today.  I played Football Manager again, I had almost finished my Physics homework, but I still had Maths, French, German and Chemistry to do.  Note to self, if you know that you had so much homework to do, why pray, did you leave it until the Thursday before the Monday that you’re due to go back to school.  There’s a room in the secondary school that I went to in which I spent many a frantic half hour before school finishing homework that I should have done the night before.  And I still carry out tasks in the same rushed manner!

I went to bed at 10.30 after the ‘best day for yonks.’

Friday 11 April 1986

At last I had finished (surely phinished) my Physics homework.  I noted also that I had better start my Chemistry homework ‘or else’ – remember, back to school on Monday, that’s only a weekend away.  It was ‘nearly a nice day up till dinner’.

I then went on to complain about somebody, let’s call him Teddy.  Apparently he was here all day, and ‘Gordon Bennet he’s a…’   Mmm, spurious to say the least.  But anyway, at least Auf Widersehen Pet was on again and this week it was ‘grate’.

Saturday 12 April 1986

The race for the League Championship was really hotting up now.  Both Liverpool and Everton keeping the pressure on.  Liverpool demolished Coventry City 5-0 at Anfield, as Everton beat Arsenal at Highbury.  Although still level on points with 73 each, Liverpool’s 5 goals may just have swung the goal difference in their favour at +42 versus +37.  Shrewsbury Town had a lovely day by the seaside, beating Brighton and Hove Albion 2-0 at the Goldstone Ground.

I did very little homework – but was feeling rebellious, ‘who cares’ and noted also that my French exam was ‘pretty soon!!!!!!!’ – that’s seven exclamation marks.

Sunday 13 April 1986

Oh no!  The last day before back to school.  In reality, it was the last push for us.  With our ‘O’ Levels looming large on the horizon, we probably only had a few weeks left as regular school goers.  Looking back now (2-Jan-2009) it seems like such an innocent time.  I’m not dismissing issues that some kids have with academic expectations, but if my job consisted solely of preparing for and taking exams, I’d be extremely happy.  Of course this is completely unfeasible, academic qualifications are a means to an end and not a means in themselves, but you get my point.

Any parents tempted to live vicariously through their children, or put undue pressure on them to perform well in exams, please back off, exams etc are NOT the be all and end all.  Life is about living, and ultimately it’s about what you do, not what a few pieces of paper say you’re good at remembering.

Anyway, I got wet during the delivery of my papers, but enjoyed some dry, sunny weather when it was time to go back out to collect the money.  Today I had a great day, taking £116.42 in total.  In footy news, Man Utd entertained us all by losing 2-0, at home, to Sheffield Wednesday.  Ha ha.

Monday 14 April 1986

Here’s a thought for you.  I think that I was Jim Royle before he was.  Here’s why, first entry… ‘Back to school – not so bad eh?  Not so bad – my a**e!’

I did my French speech, which I didn’t know very well, and considering that exam was only next week that’s a bit silly by me really.  In the evening, I watched Now, Something Else, starring Jeremy Hardy and Sarah Crowe (the first bride in Four Weddings) and written by Rory Bremner and Ian Brown.  I also watched the Joan Rivers show, Can We Talk? One of the programmes was ‘brill’ the other wasn’t.  You decide, I can’t remember.

Tuesday 15 April 1986

Here is the full entry for today.  I know this is a little lazy, but here goes…

‘Maths was long – wanted to get out.  Chemistry – a dos.  Played tennis in games.  Rained after and before and during tea.  Nothing to write except – Physics h/wk last done.’

I think that I’ll do some editing for subsequent entries, eh?  This particular one is a bit wonky to say the least – but I suppose it was written as a stream of consciousness, and a sixteen year old’s at that.  It just goes to show, that things that are presented as a stream of consciousness do require quite a deal of editing.

Wednesday 16 April 1986

Today I missed some of my Physics lesson.  I went to a YTS information meeting with the careers adviser.  I chose to look at the Engineering and Clerical categories.  Now considering that I wasn’t YTS material, oh no sir – I had plans… big plans, this was most likely a cynical ploy to avoid a lesson, and Physics at that.  Not bad , not bad.

Liverpool climbed back to the top of the league by defeating Luton 1-0 away.  Everton had played the night before, in the same neck of the woods, seeing off Watford by 2 goals to nil.  Points were equal on 76 each with goal difference +43 versus +39.