Beautiful South (The) – You Keep It All In

1980's music. Irony, or should that be sarcasm, ahoy!

Just creeping in as an 80’s single, You Keep It All in was released in October 1989 and was the band’s second single after the delicious Song For Whoever.  Its highest chart position was number 8 and it spent a total of 8 weeks in the chart, 3 of then in the top 10.  It was backed by the curiously titled, I Love You (But You’re Boring).  In a sure sign that I was growing up, this is one of the few records upon which I didn’t scrawl my name and the date that I bought it!

You Keep It All In and the b-side were taken from the group’s debut album Welcome To The Beautiful South.  The style of The Beautiful South was a curious mixture of sweet melodies underpinning some quite vicious sentiments – as can perhaps be understood by the album’s front cover, a woman with a gun in her mouth and a man sparking up a cigarette.  Woolworths, for example, refused to stock the album because of the artwork, so an alternative was created.

You Keep It All In itself is, I reckon, a lament about violence by men.  It conjures various images, e.g. of a scared girl sleeping alone with the light on as she can hear her dad ‘getting ready to fight’.  Who with though?  With his wife, or is he going out to commit some crime of violence?  Very ambiguous, very clever.

And of course, there’s the penguin in the video, naturellement.

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