Transvision Vamp – I Want Your Love

1980's music - a classic example, pictured yesterday.

I really loved this song.  It was a later 80’s release (1988) so unfortunately I didn’t write the date that I bought it on the sleeve.  Looking back on the Vamp, they were probably a bit naff, although they were one of the first bands that I saw, in the Mountford Hall, University of Liverpool, sometime in October / November 1988.

Lead-signer Wendy James was possessed of an almighty roar, which she used to good effect.  The rest of the band were, I guess just towed along in her slipstream.  I remember the gig well, one incident in particular still amuses me now.  At one point, our Wendy asked the audience (300 sweaty and hormonal 18, 19 or 20 year  lads), ‘who wants to see some tit?’  To which we all replied in the affirmative.  ‘Good, that’s what I though you’d say’ she replied and stepped aside to allow the drummer to come forward and take his top off.  Good on yer Wendy!

Anyway, the song was released w/e 25 June 1988 and rose to its highest position of 5 in the UK singles chart for the w/e 23 July.  It spent a couple of weeks there before easing itself gently off the scene.  A proper 80’s sound from a bona fide 80’s phenomenon.

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