Staus Quo – Running All Over The World

Now, there’s not much that can be said about the Quo? They were just the quintessential churners-out of solid gold nuggets of pop perfection.

This was a rehash of their 1977 monster Rockin’ All Over The World. That particular nugget spent seven weeks in the top ten of the UK Singles Chart in October / November / December of that year.

This new version made several changes, not least the addition of a ‘g’ at the end of the verb in the title. It reached the not-so-heady heights of number seventeen in the UK Singles Chart. Still, it did its bit for the fledgling Sport Aid Charity – singing the way for runners all over the UK to get out and do their bit.

As you can see, if you zoom in, I paid John Menzies £1.79 of my hard earner paper-round-money. Life was so simple in those days. You got on the bus; rode into town; strode up to Menzies; wandered down into the record department; made your choice; paid your money; walked back to the bus stop; hung around for half an hour waiting for the bus to come; rode home; cranked up the turntable… you get the picture.

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