Mel and Kim – That’s The Way It Is

As far as my street cred goes, I really really wish that I hadn’t bought any of Mel and Kim’s offerings. Not through any slight intended towards them you understand.

They were a pair of perfectly pretty young girls living the life of pop stars – albeit as puppets controlled by Stock Aitken and Waterman, but pop stars nonetheless. Their career was only a short one, with four singles and four entries into the top ten of the UK singles chart. This was the fourth such offering and the only one that I bought on 7″ – I bought the others on 12″!

This one was released in February 1988 after Mel had been diagnosed with spinal cancer. Indeed her illness was made public at the time of its release. It spent a total of 7 weeks in the UK singles chart, scoring its highest position of number 10 in the w/e 12 March. In truth, it’s probably the least well known of the girls’ offerings – I certainly can’t remember how it goes! Here’s a link to a youtube video anyway:

Oh, no I’ve just had a listen. It really is as bad as all the other SAW offerings. Really dated and stuck in the 80’s – that plastic sounding drum machine and synth. Ach!

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