Fat Boys – The Twist (Yo, Twist)

It says on the front, “FAT BOYS the Twist…” So far so what. But then underneath, it adds, “…with stupid def vocals by CHUBBY CHECKER.” So I guess this is one way of being more original than just stating “Featuring…” Well, this is Chubby Checker that we are talking about.

Call me a killjoy, but I am always a little suspicious when I see records like this. You know, a) it’s a cover and b) they have felt a bit lacking in confidence in their ability to do the cover justice, so they have to get the original artist in just to give it some gravitas. Or is that being uber picky?

In fact scrub that, because I loved the previous single – and that was a cover which involved The Beach Boys.  Maybe that was what I thought I was buying when I shelled out for this.

Oh, but hang on again. The Fat Boys actually had four UK singles chart releases and the two on which they collaborated both went to number 2 and the others managed 63 and 46 only.  Go figure.

I think that this was perhaps one of those purchases that was influenced by my brother.  But then that’s not really fair to him.  It’s not like he held a shotgun to me head and forced me to buy it.  Hmm…

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