Bragg, Billy / Wet Wet Wet – She’s Leaving Home / With A LittleHelp From My Friends

This was one of a fair few charity records that I bought. Live Aid in 1985 had a lot to answer for.

Billy Bragg was probably a little inaccessible for me before this was released, whilst Wet Wet Wet was not the sort of group that a hip and happening cool cat like myself should have been buying. Har har har… I bought Sinitta!

Add all that to the fact that this single was released in order to support one of “that bleeding bloody Esther bleeding bloody effing bloody Rantzen bloody woman”‘s favourite charities in the shape of Childline (nothing against Childline you understand) then the only comment possible is WTF?!

But I did, so I’m faithfully recording the fact here.  The disc was a double A side pairing of Lennon and McCartney offerings (offerings!) She’s Leaving Home by Bragg and With A Little Help From My Friends recorded by the Wets.

Released in May 1988 it entered the UK singles chart at number five before hitting the top of the chart where it stayed for four weeks before sliding away to find its place in the bargain bins of Woolworth’s, John Menzies and such like.

Ultimately though, what’s not to like?  Them two scousers were arguably the greatest pair of songwriters of the twentieth century (unarguably in the top three) and both Bragg and the boys frae Glasgae certainly knew their own trade.  Maybe, despite all the bluster, I did know what I was doing when I made this purchase.

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