Mental As Anything – Live It Up

A bit of 80s pop fluff, pictured yesterday. NB Paul Hogan is 87 in this picture.

“Hey girl you with the sad face…” and so it goes on. This is perfect eighties pop fluff. I loved it because it was from Crocodile Dundee, the hilarious Paul Hogan vehicle which brought the Aussie superstar to world attention. As a song it’s perhaps a little one dimensional, but like I said it’s pop music and it’s like supposed to be one dimensional.

I bought it on 25 February 1987 – 3 weeks into its 13 week run in the UK singles chart. The song’s highest position was number 3, which was achieved in the w/e 7 March. A quick look up of Mental As Anything reveals that this was the only single which charted in the UK singles chart – a story repeated all over the world, apart from Australia and New Zealand. If you loved the song, then perhaps you might like the video of it that I have found on YouTube:

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