Mead, Abigail & Goulding, Nigel – Full Metal Jacket (I Wanna Be Your Drill Instructor)

Written and performed by Stanley Kubrick’s daughter Vivian (as Abigail Mead) along with Nigel Goulding this was an interesting purchase of mine.

Ordinarily, this seventeen year old would have eschewed this sort of stuff for the rather flaky reason that “it’s not proper music.”  In actual fact though, of course it’s proper music. It has all the elements of proper music, and samples.

And what samples.  Taken directly from the film, we get the chance to hear Gunnery Sergeant Hartman, played so memorably by R. Lee Ermey, leading his recruits through their paces as they march about Parris Island getting ready to go out to Vietnam.  It really is gripping stuff.

Not content with the 7″ single, I also went out and bought the 12″ version too.  Don’t ask me why, that was just how I rolled back then.  Anyway, the track was released in late September 1987 and spent ten weeks in the UK singles chart, making it to number two.

It was prevented by two of the top ten selling singles of the 1987, M/A/R/R/S with Pump Up the Volume and subsequently the Bee Gees’ You Win Again from reaching number one.  Drill Instructor was forty-ninth on the list, shifting over a quarter of a million copies.

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