Jesus And Mary Chain (The) – April Skies

1980's music - some disturbing imagery from The Jesus and Mary Chain.

Imagine. You’re seventeen; you’re at sixth-form college and struggling to make new friends.

You hear this song on the radio. It’s dark and it’s edgy. The guitar parts take you to a different place. You really get the groove.

It appears on the juke-box in the common room, you take to playing it; trouble is, no-one else likes it and they all tell you so. On the one hand you could storm out of the common room and return with a machine gun and mow ‘em all down, or you could leave quietly and vow never to return, destined to wander aimlessly between record shops and bakeries every break and lunch-time for the remaining year and a bit of purgatory at sixth-form.

This song was released in the w/e 2 May 1987 and rose to the heights of number 8 a week later before disappearing off the chart radar after just 6 weeks. I bought it on 27 June 1987 because I could. Of all the records in my collection I think that I love this one the most because of how it spoke to me in those dark days.

Alright, they weren’t all that dark, but come on; I’ve got to big it up somehow, give it some dramatic edge.  And kids do go off the rails big time when faced with the circumstances that I was.

I reckon that it was the fact that although I really wanted to blame all and sundry for me feeling like shit, I did realise that deep down it was up to me to change it, and if I didn’t want to, well… I just had to get on with it.

Anyway, enough of that. Here’s the track (please excuse the quality):

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