Jellybean (feat Elisa Fiorillo) – Who Found Who

1980's music. John Jellybean Benitez feat. Elisa Fiorello

The follow up to Jellybean’s 2nd single, Who Found Who featured the vocals of Elisa Fiorillo, an American singer.

It actually followed hot on the heels of The Real Thing, entering the UK Singles Chart in the w/e 28th November 1987.  It rose to number 10 in its fourth week on the chart before sliding, gracefully down the chart. Like The Real Thing, Who Found Who also spent 10 weeks in the chart and was taken from the Jellybean’s album, Just Visiting The Planet.

I think that this is another purchase of mine which highlights a certain naivety. It’s by no means hip or cool! Cheese is not stretching the point at all.

However, I must have liked it or I wouldn’t have bought it.

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