Hammer, Jan – Crockett’s Theme

The impact of Miami Vice on us poor Brits, suffering in the cold (and that’s in July), cannot be underestimated.  It was the epitome of cool, urban sophistication and this single, Crockett’s Theme was my chance to grab a piece of it.

At the time we had no video so buying the series on video was out of the question (never mind the fact that I didn’t have the money for such a purchase) so the single was the next best thing.

Released in September 1987, this single made it to the top ten of the UK singles chart within 3 weeks and then spent 6 weeks in the top ten, peaking at number 2.  It spent a total of 12 weeks in the UK singles chart.

The track itself is a slow, evocative number – a contrast to the drive of the series theme, also written by Hammer.  This of course was also a single, which peaked in the UK singles chart at number 5 in 1985.  I didn’t buy that, but I suspect that my brother did.  Perhaps I’ll have to get round to his and… ahem, liberate it.

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