Fine Young Cannibals – Ever Fallen in Love

Recorded in 1986 as part of the soundtrack to the Jonathan Demme movie, Something Wild, this cover of the utterly stupendous Ever Fallen in Love, from the pen of Buzzcock’s Pete Shelley, was a top ten hit for FYC.

After buying the band’s first three singles, I had missed out on buying Funny How Love Is – funny, but much like the rest of the British record-buying public.

This one was released in March and I went out and bought it on 18th April 1987 as it hit its top position of number nine.

It’s a slowed-down version of the original classic, and although it (obviously) suffers by comparison it’s still a great piece of work.  The video features Roland Gift as a projectionist during the screening of Something Wild.  Messrs Cox and Steele also appear, sharing popcorn, in the cinema audience.

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