D’Arby, Terence Trent – If You let Me Stay

Much like Adam Ant in the early 80s, TTD burned with a fierce incandescence towards the end of the decade.

If his success was longer-lived than Adam, it wasn’t that much longer lived. If You let Me Stay was his debut UK hit, spending 4 weeks in the top ten. I bought it on 24th April 1987, a Friday – and ranks as one of my more successful lunchtime forays into town from sixth form. Having said that, I’d probably have bought a Cornish pasty for my lunch – always a successful endeavour.

It’s a song to go alongside Kenny Rogers’ Ruby in terms of its message, yes really! Our hero’s girlfriend/wife is all for leaving him, her bags are packed and this is a final desperate plea for her to stay. Why, is not quite clear, but it sounds like there are numerous indiscretions and perhaps most seriously of all, he hasn’t told her nearly enough that he loves her.  Or meant it.

If You let Me Stay comes from TTD’s first album, Introducing the Hardline According to… which was a massive, massive hit in the UK.  It sold over 1.5 million copies (including mine) and was certified 5x Platinum.  As a sign of my growing maturity(!?), I didn’t buy any more TTD singles – I had the album and with Wishing Well, Sign Your Name and my particular favourite, Dance Little Sister thereon, there was no need for another purchase!  My Philips personal cassette player certainly gave my copy some terrific hammer.

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