Richard, Cliff and the Young Ones feat. Hank Marvin – Living Doll

Written by Lionel Bart, this was originally a UK singles chart smash hit for Cliff Richard and The Drifters (later to become the Shadows) way back in 1959.

Of course this was Cliff with a group of anarchic comedians, so give up any notions of a smooth performance from the great man – he isn’t really given a chance!

The single was a vehicle of the BBC’s Comic Relief charity which had been launched the previous year.  As I had been newly alerted to the plight of people less fortunate than myself by the whole Live Aid thing the previous year and I loved the Young Ones, there was no way that I wasn’t going to buy into this.

Accordingly, on 22 March 1986 during a shopping trip I paid my money to obtain my 7″ copy.  There was a 12″ version knocking about too, but at this stage in my record buying career I was a little wary of splashing the extra cash for another seventy-five square inches of vinyl.

The B-side is an Elton, Mayer and Young Ones penned bit of nonsense by the name of All the Little Flowers Are Happy which is a 6 minute slice of what I believe rehearsals for the Young Ones TV must have been like.

“Well I would Michael… but unfortunately Neil’s only got one head.”  Priceless!

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