Pretenders (The) – Hymn To Her

The follow up track to Don’t Get Me Wrong, Hymn to Her was written by Chrissie Hynde’s high school friend Meg Keene.

Released in late 1986, it made the UK singles chart top 10, getting to number 8 in January 1987. Plain and simple, it’s a ballad and a paean to womanhood. Of course this sixteen year old didn’t really hear the lyrics as such, it was more the melody that hooked me.

On another point, as mentioned above, this was the second release from the album, Get Close. My record buying habits meant that I didn’t buy buy that many albums.

I’m not 100% sure what an album would have cost back then, but having bought two singles from it, perhaps it might have been more economical to have just bought the album?! But then that’s the whole point of singles. They represent an instant hit, if you pardon the pun. You hear it on the radio and think, “Oh, I like that!” You pop off into town and buy it. Much like today’s record consuming world, but including a bus journey and a physical item purchased at the end of it. Sounds plausible?

Postscript… My copy is a “Limited Edition Gatefold” [including a free single]. The free single being 1983’s 2000 Miles. As it was Christmas time when I made this purchase, it might just have been 2000 Miles that was the real selling point for me.

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