Palmer, Robert – I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On

Yes, yes!  This is that song with that video.

Originally a minor US hit for Cherrelle, I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On got the full treatment from Robert Palmer.  Written by legendary US producer / songwriters Jam and Lewis the soul in the track is retained but with added boo-boo-boom as Palmer rocks it up.

The video features a well-dressed Palmer singing while five beautiful women jiggle (good word – verb of the day) their way through the backing track, approximately portraying his band members. There was some controversy in the media because some people considered the video a bit sexist, but to be honest it’s really quite tame.   I guess that all was in accordance with the standards of the day!

The single was released in July 1986 and it made it to its highest position of number 9 in the UK singles chart in the first week of August.  In total it spent just two weeks in the top ten out of a total of nine weeks on the chart in total.  I bought it on 1 September which was the last day of my extended Summer holiday.

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