Lewis, Huey (& The News) – The Power Of Love

1980's music. Huey Lewis and his chums with The Power of Love.

The ‘theme’ song from my favourite movie of the 80’s was first released in the UK in August 1985 as HUEY 1 with a b-side Bad Is Bad.  By the time that Back To The Future had been released in the UK, the track had been re issued as HUEY 3, now a double a-side with Do You Believe In Love? It is this version that I bought on 22nd February 1986 after I’d seen the film on 11th January.

The Power Of Love certainly had legs, sticking around in the UK Singles Chart for a total of 22 weeks, split equally between each release. On its first release it made number 11, bumping around in the teen-numbers for a good month.  It made its highest position of number 9 in its second stay in early ’86.  It’s a full on Rock n Roll riff, possibly a little ‘safe’ – it certainly scored with the punters – and I was a big fan.  I bought three of the group’s singles in total, but this will forever be associated with the film.

Check out this video. Stick with it, it’s a bit of a remake but kind of cool:

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