Jones, Oran ‘Juice’ – Curiosity / The Rain

Well well well.  What was I thinking of?

This was far more my brother’s taste than mine so I really must confess that I don’t know what took me when I bought it.

Listening to The Rain, the more senior of the pair in this two record set, it seems like Oran ‘Juice’ is at times whinging about his girl going with another man; then standing over her hustling her out of his apartment having cancelled all of her credit cards and such like.  Indeed in the video the last shot shows her trying to cross the freeway with her worldy possessions in a single holdall.  It’s the worst kind of naked misogyny and deserves to be stuck in the 80’s.

For the record (Yes! A pun), the single The Rain with reference Def Jam A 7303 was a hit in the UK singles chart between November 1986 and February 1987.  Its highest chart position was number 4 and it spent a total of 5 weeks in the top ten over the Christmas period.

There is no listing on any of my sources for the double pack that I bought (Def Jam OJJD 2) – and this is another of those singles that I didn’t get round to scribing my name and the day that I bought it on the sleeve.

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