Geldof, Bob – This Is The World Calling

Unmitigated garbage?  Mmm, probably.

Why did I buy it?  Mmm, I dunno.

There, that just about sums this one up.  I think that I’ve already used this sentence opener already, but here goes… If ever anybody was an 80s icon then “Saint” Bob is surely one.

Already a household name following the late 70s success of his band The Boomtown Rats – go on admit it, you must remember I Don’t Like Mondays – Geldof is of course best remembered for his role as the ‘most gobby’ originator of the Band Aid / Live Aid record / concert thing which was his response to the shocking scenes of famine from Ethiopia in 1984.

This record though is a dog, pure and simple, and I probably bought it because I was a fan of his and the whole consciousness that he raised in the 14/15/16 year old me.  I bought it on 12 December 1986 when it had already completed its less than earth shattering run in the UK singles chart where it peaked at number 25 on 8 (and 15) November 1986.  He deserved better but, fortunately, this song got exactly what it deserved.

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