Eurythmics – Thorn In My Side

I loved this the moment I heard it.  I was stood in John Menzies looking at records; something I did a lot of back then, when it came on over the in store tannoy.

Within seconds it was bought and paid for and I was off home to listen over and over and over.  This happened on 29th August 1986, towards the end of the long summer holiday, made longer this year by my finishing school and waiting for the start at sixth form.

A week later, on 6th September, the track had entered the UK singles chart at number 29 before it rose steadily to its highest position of number 5.  This was to be the Eurythmics ninth and final UK top ten hit.

The song is a rejection of a flawed lover in the most ardent terms.  She is telling him that their relationship is over as unambiguously as possible.  There is hurt and anger at his deceit and lies and betrayal of trust.  Ultimately though, there is regret on the singer’s part – all this could have been avoided, “I should have known better…”

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