Eurythmics – The Miracle Of Love

Is this the last great Eurythmics single?

I’d argue that it is, given that it was the last one that I bought (or was given as a birthday present given the date that I acquired it).  Putting the subjective issue of its quality aside for a moment, this was the eighth to last 80s single to chart in the UK singles chart.

The date that I have written on my copy is 13th December 1986, when it was bumping around the bottom end of the top 30.  It managed to raise itself to the giddy heights of number 23, but I feel that it deserved of better.

It’s a gorgeous rock ballad, characterised by a beautiful guitar track that threads itself all through the finished article.  Annie’s voice is plaintive, sweetness personified.  The track is backed with a live version of When Tomorrow Comes, performed at The Roxy in Los Angeles during the Revenge Tour, the tour of the album from which Miracle is plucked.

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