Cameo – Word Up

My brother, who has been on Ken Bruce’s (well Mark Goodyear’s) Pop Quiz cited me as one of his musical influences. Well in that case then, I must nod to him in this regard.

Word Up was one of my purchases (16th October 1986) which was probably more of his taste than my own. It entered the UK singles chart in the w/e 30th August 1986 and quickly rose to number 3. This was by far the group’s biggest UK single – nothing else that they released in the UK made it further than number 11.

HOWEVER, it’s not bad is it? Who can forget the big red cod piece as featured on Top Of The Pops? Who can forget the thumping bass that was integral to the tune if not the tune in its own right?

No, Word Up was a top tune, a real eighties classic and it sits nicely with the other eclectic selections in my record boxes. If you don’t believe me, or you’d like a reminder, why not search it out on YouTube?

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