Bush, Kate – Experiment IV

The impact of Kate Bush on this lad cannot be underestimated.

Not that I bought any of her other singles in the late seventies or eighties, like.  She was just part of the fabric of pop music in the period and would no doubt have featured on the multitude of compilation tapes that we made off the radio.

Remember kids, Home Taping Is (Was) Killing Music, unless you happened to be of a certain age and lacking the wherewithal to go out and buy the music that these people were trying so hard to protect.

As for this track, it is by no means one of Kate’s best.  I can’t say that I can actually remember what it sounds like.  No, the big selling point for me on this one was the B side.  A new vocal of la Bush’s truly stupendous debut track, Wuthering Heights.  That’s what did it for me.

I know for a fact that I went out and bought this track on 17 December 1986 – I have a little sticker on the back of the sleeve with my name and the date.  This was just a few days after my seventeenth birthday, so no doubt the purchase was funded by birthday pennies.

In actual fact, Experiment IV performed very poorly in the UK single chart, entering on 8 November, rising to the position known as number twenty three and then disappearing from sight after just four weeks.  By that account then, I must have rescued this from the bargain bin on that dark and damp Wednesday in December.

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