Bangles – Walk Like An Egyptian

OMG these girls were more than enough to leave this 16 year old in one heck of a lather.  If their Prince penned debut had been all that the girls had delivered then I would have been one happy bunny.  But they also came up with this little beauty, written by Liam Sternberg.

Released in the late summer of 1986, I was first struck by a misheard lyric with this one.  Part way through there’s a line about ‘all the cops in the doughnut shop…’  I didn’t hear the word ‘cops’, instead I heard, well, you can possibly imagine what I though I had heard, and perhaps you don’t want to!

But enough of such baloney, what of the song’s performance on the UK singles chart?  And when did I buy it?  Well, to answer the first of my rhetorical questions, after it’s release in late summer 1986, it rose steadily if unspectacularly to the dizzying heights of number 3 in the chart on 15 November.  I gave it a boost when I bought my copy on 16 October as it made its leap from number 20 into the top ten where it enjoyed a six week residency.  In total the song spent 19 weeks in the singles chart and was a huge worldwide hit.

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