Talking Heads – And She Was

Talking Heads – And She Was

Released in 1985, this majestic track entered the UK singles chart in early February 1986. I made my move and bought it on 7 March.

I am making a real effort as I write this to rein in my enthusiasm for And She Was. In my estimation, there is no better 80s track than this. It is both of its time and yet utterly timeless.

On the face of it, it tells quite a simple story about a girl tripping on acid. David Byrne recounts that

[he] used to know a blissed-out hippie-chick in Baltimore. She once told [him] that she used to do acid… and lay down on the field by the Yoo-hoo chocolate soda factory. Flying out of her body, etc etc.

Drummer Chris Frantz expands,

It’s a story about a woman who has the power to levitate above the ground and to check out all her neighbors from a kind of bird’s eye view. And the guy who’s writing the song is in love with her…

It made number 17 in the UK singles chart. Not nearly far enough up the chart, but perhaps the appeal of a song quite obviously about drugs was lost on the wider British public? For me, its melody and structure, allied with the lyrics, lifted it above anything else, both literally and metaphorically.

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