Squeeze – Last Time Forever

1980's music Squeeze with Last Time Forever. Spot the sellotape!

If any band following in the tradition of The Beatles and The Kinks did storytelling better than Madness it was Squeeze.

However, unlike the Nutty Boys, singles chart success seemed hard for them to find.  They scored a couple of number 2 hits at the end of the seventies with Cool For Cats and Up The Junction, but their only other top ten single was 1981’s country flavoured Labelled With Love – a number 4 hit.  However, what the Great British singles buying population was missing out on was the jealously guarded secret of their album buying counterparts.

Songs like those mentioned sit alongside Take Me I’m Yours, Slap And Tickle, Another Nail In My Heart, Is That Love and so on and so forth on albums like Squeeze, Cool For Cats, Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti.  As far as Last Time Forever goes, I bought it on 20th July 1985 jut after it had finished its 5 week run in the UK singles chart with number 45 its top position.  It’s a typical Squeeze song, a great melody underpinning a dark story about a woman murdered by her jealous husband / lover / boyfriend.  The b-side is even more interesting, consisting of 5 individual tracks by the then members of the band, Jools Holland, Gilson Lavis, Chris Difford, Glenn Tilbrook and Keith Wilkinson.

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