Marillion – Kayleigh

If the name sounds Tolkien-esque, that’s because it is. They were first called Silmarillion after 1977’s posthumously published work. However, the group wisely decided to drop the Sil- bit to avoid any issues with the great man’s estate.

1980's music - an uber cool example, no mistake.

As for this single, it was easily the band’s most successful one although as more of an albums group that’s hardly saying a tremendous amount. It’s Fish’s song lyrically – he meant it as a way to say sorry to all the girls whose hearts he had broken in pursuit of his career as a rock star. The melody was written by the rest of the band. It was released in May 1985 and first made it into the UK singles chart in the w/e 18 May. I bought it on 7 June as it was hurtling towards the number 2 spot – it was only The Crowd’s rendition of You’ll Never Walk Alone that prevented it making number 1.

It’s a wonderful song, very evocative of the decade and as befits such a great song it spent a total of 14 weeks in the UK singles chart, half of which were spent in the top ten.

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