Jones, Howard – Life in One Day

Life in One Day was the third* single from Jones’ 1985 album Dream into Action.

Peaking at number 14 in the UK singles chart,  it’s an uptempo number, warning against the dangers of wanting to have everything right here, right now.

It obviously resonated with the 15 year old me – I was for ever wishing for this and wishing for that. I was also, my dad would readily testify, always taking life too seriously – a morose scowl plastered on my face.

Howard Jones was a relatively short-lived phenomenon in terms of singles success, peaking in 1983 through 1985. His biggest hits were his first two singles – New Song and What is Love, which peaked at number 3 and number 2 respectively. The latter only kept off the top of the charts by Paul McCartney’s Pipes of Peace in early 1984.

*Like to Get to Know You Well made number 4, also in 1984 and was later included on the CD release of Dream into Action, presumably as a selling point for what was probably viewed as an experimental release on the nascent technology.

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