Iron Maiden – Run To The Hills (live)

Another admission coming here – Iron Maiden were not one of my first choice groups – and the story behind this single may bear this out.

You see, this was one of my few victories over my brother.  It was his purchase you see and along with The Specials’ Ghost Town, it was another (the only other) single that I pilfered from his collection.  LOL.

He had a friend did my brother, and he (the friend) was über über cool.  That’s not to say that my brother wasn’t cool, it’s just that this lad was in a world of his own.  But anyway, I digress, this lad was heavily (geddit?) into this sort of sound and for a while, so too was my brother.  Accordingly, he bought it and I nicked it!

But what of the track itself?  Well, this was a live version of Run To The Hills which had reached number 7 in the UK singles chart back in 1982.  Following the release in October 1985 of a live version of Maiden’s first single Running Free, this was released in time for the Christmas market.

It did reasonably well, reaching number 26.  Although it doesn’t mention it on the sleeve, this was obviously meant for the collectors amongst the band’s fans and this probably explains its relatively short chart lifespan of just six weeks.

There is no date of purchase written on the sleeve. Like my totally disorganised brother would have been bothered by such meaningless trivia!

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