Hardcastle, Paul – 19

The eighties was a decade of more than just the odd stand out single and Paul Hardcastle’s 19 is, for my money, one of the stand outs of the stand outs.

It also represents the high watermark of Paul’s UK singles chart career as this apart only Just For Money (1985) and 1986’s The Wizard and Don’t Waste My Time (feat. Carol Kenyon) managed to bother the top 20.

Everybody who was of a certain age in the eighties has their own memories of 19, but suffice to say, it was a completely stupendous success, spending 5 weeks at number 1 in the UK singles chart (it spent a total of 16 weeks in the chart).  It spent so long at number 1 that towards the end of its run, TOTP producers were obviously getting bored with it so they would cut it early and give us a glimpse of a new single that perhaps we’d like to listen to instead.

No matter, it was released on 4th May 1985 and I bought it a week later – helping it enter the chart at number 4 before it started its 5 week run at the top of the chart.  We had a Fidelity all in one TV and music centre at the time and, with the capability to tape (audio only!) from the TV and this was recorded on more than one occasion. The only annoyance was the guff spouted by Gary Davies or some other cheesy wotsit on TOTP that also found its way onto the tape.

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