Fine Young Cannibals – Blue

My home town is falling down, I’m mad about that
And people there don’t seem to care, I’m mad about that…

Thus sang Roland Gift on Fine Young Cannibals second single, Blue.

A not so distant cousin to The Specials’ Ghost Town, FYC’s second single could not manage the same impact as its more illustrious relation. Truth be told, it was perhaps 2 or 3 years too late to pick up on the vibe which surrounded The Specials’ magnum opus.  Nor could it follow up the success of the group’s first single Johnny Come Home.

Released in the autumn of 1985 Blue could manage only six weeks in the UK singles chart with a high point of just number 41.  This was a real shame and I reckon it was worthy of a much higher placing.  After all, I had put my money where my mouth was and bought it.

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