Faltermeyer, Harold – Axel F

1980's music - axel f NOT by that f... frog

OK, let’s get this straight.  This song bears no relation in anyway shape or form to that f**king awful frog thing which peddled its wares in the first decade of the new millennium.  Released by MCA Records of 72-74 Brewer St, London W1R 3PH in the w/e 23rd March 1985 this was the theme tune to the latest smash hit by Eddie Murphy, Beverley Hills Cop.  Of course, the song’s title is taken from the lead character, foul mouthed Detroit cop on holiday in LA, Axel Foley.  Shrek’s mate Donkey apart, this is Murphy’s tour de force.  Nothing else that he has done quite matches up to it.

Anyway, this ain’t no film review, so here goes: the track wasn’t initially a hit, having spent a few weeks in the lower reaches of the chart before disappearing only to come back with a vengeance.  It was during this second spell in the chart that it made its highest chart position of number 2, and that I bought it – on 28th June 1985.  To my mind, it forms a twin to Crockett’s Theme by Jan Hammer – that one was bought by my brother so between us we had both bases covered.

Just for you(!) here is a version of the video fromYouTube:

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