Echo & The Bunnymen – Bring On The Dancing Horses

To the mind of the fifteen year old me, Echo & The Bunnymen were as cool as it got.

This track was the band’s tenth UK single release and believe it or not, was not a massive chart hit, making only number 21 on in the UK singles chart in the first week of November 1985.  I had been out and bought it on 2nd November, so I was certainly doing my bit for the cause.

That this is the only Bunnymen single in my collection is perhaps indicative of my late awareness of them. It was the only new track recorded for their 1985 greatest hits album, Song the Learn & Sing and was also included on the soundtrack for the John Hughes film, Pretty In Pink.

Some of their bigger hits date from the period of the early 80s before I had my paper round and the ability to go out and buy singles.  For instance, 1982-83 saw the release of The Back of Love (19), The Cutter (8) and Never Stop (15).  Then we were treated to The Killing Moon, the band’s second top ten hit of the 80s which rose to number nine in February 1984.

There was a certain swagger associated with the Bunnymen, most of which came from singer Ian McCulloch.  His gothic appearance, including his spiked up black hair, hit the mark with a number of my contemporaries.  As for me, my tastes were too eclectic/mainstream to be limited to just one band, cool as they were.  There is no doubt also, that I would have been far too timid/self-conscious to have attempted to replicate the look.

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