Cure (The) – In Between Days

If any group or band epitomises the 80’s more than The Cure then I demand that you bring it to me now.  I just don’t think that such a thing exists.  Yet when you look at their UK singles chart performance, their highest ever chart position was only number 5 for 1989’s Lullaby, taken from the album Disintegration.

Stuff from the high altar of 1980's music.

But enough of that, let’s get back to In Between Days.  The first single from the 1985 album The Head On The Door, it was released in July 1985 and entered the UK singles chart in the w/e 27th July.  I bought it on 1st August as it slowly made its way to its highest position of 15.  FIFTEEN!?  That just shows what utter peasants the UK record buying public could be at times – but having said that, at the time this was released we had Live Aid with all the spin off benefits that it produced.  We also had huge number one hits from Sister Sledge (Frankie), The Eurythmics (There Must Be An Angel), Madonna (Into The Groove).

Musically, it’s classic Cure.  Upbeat in tempo, but decidedly downbeat as far as the lyrics go.  As some lifting synth melodies augment the thumping bass and guitar sections Smithy sings about fear and ageing and loss.  For example, the two verses start with respectively, ‘yesterday I got so old, I felt like I could die’ and ‘yesterday I got so scared, I shivered like a child’.  I guess there’s more than a little mischief going on with chief mischief maker Smith actually having a whale of a time.

If you get a chance, do check out all of that hair in the video. Don’t try guessing at the band’s hairspray bill though. I don’t think that there are enough numbers on the calculator.

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