Cure (The) – Close To Me

If In Between Days‘ highest chart position was a travesty, then what about this one?

Released in the w/e 21st September 1985, hot on the heels of its predecessor, it managed only number 24 in the UK singles chart. I faithfully did my bit, buying it on 18th October, but it was to no avail.

Cut this open and it says 1980's music, like a stick o' Blackpool rock.

In terms of dark themes, this goes even further than In Between Days. To start with, there’s less of an attempt to jolly the melody along – the hand-claps at the start really do set the tempo for the entire piece, although there are a couple of uplifting solos from wind instruments.

And the lyrics, in which Smithy sings about wishing that the day would end; that the night could be close to him and hoping that seeing his head on the door was a dream, are even more gloomy. That said, it really is a great song, another which really does have 1980’s music stamped all over it.

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