Collins, Phil – One More Night

Alright, alright! Yes, I bought one.  Even I, with my impeccable taste, was hooked by one of Phil’s, ahem, ballads.  I even went as far as buying the parent album that this came from.

Now, I’d like to claim that my extreme youth, I was just 15 years old on 15th April 1985, should excuse me from censure.  Trouble is, I would claim that my record collection stands scrutiny with any other from the decade so that excuse runs more than a little thin.

Anyway, enough of this uneasy shifting in my seat, what of the performance of this little number?  Well, it entered the UK singles chart on 13th April and (yes I bought it straight away afterwards) it progressed rapidly to its highest position of number 4.  Can I go now?  Thanks…

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