Cole, Lloyd and The Commotions – Brand New Friend

This has got to be the coolest single in my record collection.  Bar none.

I just adored the whole vibe surrounding Lloyd Cole – not to mention his Commotions.  I always thought that he was Scottish.  Of course, that’s not the case, but the Commotions are!  The band met at Glasgow University during Cole’s time there studying English.  In fact, Lloyd Cole is perhaps the holder of one of the World’s most unwanted records, having failed Law at UCL and then failing to graduate from Glasgow.  Or not – it could all be b****cks.

Anyway, apparently, “Jane was in a turtle-neck [and Lloyd] was much happier then.”  Without sounding too pretentious this has obviously come from an interaction at some time in one of the writers’ lives, but what an evocative opening line.

This was released into the wilds of the UK singles chart in the late summer of 1985 and I bought it on 4th October as it hit its highest position of number19.  I tell ya, sometimes the record-buying public of the UK needed a good kick up the eighties.  To add insult to injury, it only spent 8 weeks on the chart too. Tsk tsk.

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