Madonna – Dress You Up

It’s been said before and probably will be again, that our Madonna is ‘a little bit woo, a little bit weh’. It’s also been said that song lyrics, like any other form of language can be interpreted in anyway the listener or reader chooses, but how on earth could this song have ended up on the Parent Music Resource Center (PMRC)’s list of Filthy Fifteen – you know (or maybe you don’t), the original set of songs which they demanded should have those ridiculous Parental Advisory aka Tipper Stickers.

You can understand songs like Prince’s Darling Nikki or some of the heavy metal ones like W.A.S.P.’s Animal (F**k Like A Beast) with their obviously unsavoury lyrics, but Dress You Up? Maybe it’s me, maybe I am too liberal, but I’d rather be liberal than a reactionary p***k.

Vital Stats:

Entered UK Chart: 7-12-1985
Bought by Me: 14-12-1985
Highest Chart Position: 5
Weeks on Chart: 11

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