Head, Murray – One Night In Bangkok

My musical tastes were truly eclectic and this one is a great example of that.

Murray Head hadn’t troubled the UK singles chart since 1972 when he managed to get to number 46 with Superstar, the title track from 1970’s Rock Opera, Jesus Christ Superstar from the Lloyd-Webber/Rice canon.  That track was one of four on a maxi-single, of which only it and one other – Yvonne Elliman’s I Don’tKnow How To Love Him were credited.

But enough about the seventies, this is an eighties blog.  What of One Night In Bangkok?

Well, the song is a co-composition between Rice plus Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson the two B’s from ABBA.  Chess was a concept album and subsequently a musical linking the game of chess and the Cold War.  Anything in a musical eh?

Anyway, Head was Frederick Trumper (“The American”) in both the 1984 concept album (from where the single comes) and the original West End stage production in 1986.

After its release in November 1984, One Night had a slow climb up to number 12, before spending a further month in the teens before sliding down and out of the chart.  I spent some of my hard-earned (?) Christmas money in buying it on 28th December 1984.

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