Eurythmics – Sexcrime (nineteen eighty-four)

I really liked the Eurythmics.  I mean really really LIKED them.

Whilst I loved the first clutch of singles that the pair released, it wasn’t until this was hit the charts in conjunction with the film 1984, in November 1984, that I was in a position to buy one for myself.

24th November 1984 was a fine day for me all told.  I bought this single and had attended the game at Gay Meadow between Shrewsbury Town and Sheffield United which finished 3-3.

Getting back to the record, Sexcrime (nineteen eighty-four) was the ‘Rythmics eighth UK single release.  It had been let go into the wild in early November, and by the time I bought it, it had already made it to number 7 in the UK singles chart on its way to number 4.

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