Fagin, Joe – Breakin’ Away / That’s Livin’ Alright

The impact of this TV series on my 13, going on 14, year old self cannot be overestimated.  Friday nights between 11th November 1983 and 10th February 1984 were made so much better because of it.  But enough of the TV series, what about the single?

It was cleverly pitched as a double-A side with the opening title sequence music being the bordering-on-melancholic Breakin’ Away. The closing credits were backed by the more upbeat That’s Livin’ Alright (well we had just spent a good hour rolling around on the floor in stitches).

I have written the date of December 1983 on the sleeve of my copy, so I am guessing that it must have been either a birthday present or bought with birthday/Christmas money.  On this occasion, I was in before the crowd as the disc didn’t enter the UK singles chart until January 1984.  When it did get there it rose rapidly to its high position of number 3.  In total it spent eleven weeks in the chart, 5 of which were in the top ten.

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