Dexys Midnight Runners (& The Emerald Express) – Come on Eileen

This write up is a bit of a con as I didn’t buy this at the time it was in the charts, so I do apologise.  The impact of this song however cannot be overestimated.

Released at the end of June 1982, Come on Eileen entered the chart at number 63, before breaking into the top 40 after just two weeks.  We were rapidly approaching the summer holidays now and by the first week of the hols it was in the top 10.  Hitting the top of the charts on 7th August, Eileen spent the whole of the rest of August at number 1 before gracefully moving aside for Survivor with their Rocky III theme Eye of The Tiger.

By this time, of course, it was back to school, but Come on Eileen had established itself in my psyche as a Cricket Club disco staple and of course as a wedding dance floor filler.  It was a great song to stomp around the dance floor to – although its various key changes meant you really had to concentrate.  Female company wasn’t strictly necessary (though it was an added bonus) and you really could let your hair down to it.  I think that alongside Bad Manner’s Can Can this has got to be the most completely brilliant way to end a disco.  Slow dancing?  Nah, stuff that!

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